Knee Arthritis Book:
Take Back Control

Our new Knee Arthritis Book is out in paperback and Ebook.  Knee Arthritis: Take Back Control

This knee arthritis book gives you the tools you need to fight back against arthritis pain and take back control. Written by our author, who worked as a physiotherapist for over ten years, you will learn all about knee arthritis and the steps you can take to make it better.  It has an average reader review rating of 4.6/5 on Amazon and is available in paperback or for instant download onto your kindle.

Part 1 looks in-depth at knee arthritis covering issues such as the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and top knee arthritis treatment options. It also includes helpful exercise programmes, dietary advice and home remedies, putting you back in control of your pain.

Part 2 concentrates on knee replacement surgery. With sections on the indications for surgery, total vs partial knee replacement surgery, what surgery involves, how to prepare for surgery, the recovery process (including rehab and exercise guides) and common problems. This book is also packed full of top tips and you will find everything you need to prepare yourself for surgery and make an excellent recovery.

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So whatever stage you are at, don’t let knee arthritis get you down, take back control today.

What To Expect

Let's find out what you can expect from this knee arthritis book:

Interior view from our new knee arthritis book available in paperback and Ebook.  Knee Arthritis: Take Back Control

Part 1: Arthritis

What is Knee Arthritis: The differences between OA and RA, what happens inside the knee and why those changes cause problems

Causes of OA: The seven most common causes of Osteoarthritis
Diagnosis & Symptoms: How knee arthritis is diagnosed (it’s more than just x-rays!), the different stages of arthritis and how symptoms progress

Treatment Options: In-depth information on a whole variety of knee arthritis treatments, including exercises, injections, activity modification, acupuncture, medication and knee braces

Interior view from our new knee arthritis book available in paperback and Ebook.  Knee Arthritis: Take Back Control

Alternative Medicine: A look at the best supplements, homeopathy and other home remedies that can help including the scientific evidence behind them

Diet & Arthritis: Learn what foods can help and what to avoid with arthritis

Exercise Programme: A simple but effective exercise programme that can really help you take back control. Easy to follow with pictures and guidance on how to perform them correctly and progress as you get stronger. Includes a daily exercise plan

Surgical Treatment: A look at the different options for knee arthritis surgery

Part 2: Knee Replacements

Total Knee Replacement vs Partial Knee Replacement: How are they different and which is right for you?

Our new knee arthritis book is available in paperback or for instant download on your Kindle.  Knee Arthritis: Take Back Control

Indications For Surgery: Find out whether you would benefit from surgery or not

Knee Replacement Surgery: How to prepare to get the best results and what happens during surgery

The Recovery Process: Guidance including how long it takes, when you can return to activities like driving and golf and what things it’s best to avoid

Top Tips For Making A Great Recovery: Loads of ideas for getting the most out of the recovery process including how to use crutches correctly, getting up and down stairs, in and out of the car, best positions to rest in, what to do about swelling – the list goes on!

The Rehab Process: What it involves, how long it takes, week by week goals and how to get the best results

Exercise Programme: 13 exercises to help you regain the movement, strength, flexibility and stability of your new knee with guidance on how to progress through and work at the right level for you

Problems After Surgery: Whilst problems are rare, find out what problems some people encounter and how you can avoid and overcome them

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Knee Arthritis: Take Back Control is available in paperback or for instant download from Amazon worldwide.  It has an average reader review of 4.6/5!

Our new Knee Arthritis Book is out in paperback or for instant download on your Kindle.  Knee Arthritis: Take Back Control: From Exercises To Knee Replacements & Everything In Between

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(from $3.99/£2.99/€3.50)

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