Baker's Cyst FAQ's

A baker cyst is a common cause of pain and swelling behind the knee. People often have lots of questions regarding a baker's cyst, and here we will answer those most commonly asked.

1) What Is Causing The Lump Behind My Knee?

A bakers cyst typically presents as pain and swelling behind the knee

If you have a small squashy lump behind your knee it could be a Baker’s cyst. Typically if it is a baker’s cyst then your pain will increase with exercise but improve with rest. Bending and straightening the leg is also likely to bring on pain. 

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2) What Causes Baker’s Cyst?

The most common cause of Baker’s Cyst is osteoarthritis but injuries that cause swelling in the knee can also lead to Baker cyst.  Excess synovial fluid in the knee seeps out of the joint and into the bursa behind the knee. This expands and appears as a squishy lump.

3) What Are The Symptoms of Baker’s Cyst?

The classic symptom of Baker’s cyst is a small squashy lump on the back of your knee. As it grows it will increasingly cause knee pain. Pain typically increases when straightening or bending the leg. Resting the knee will improve things but exercise or long periods of standing will make it worse.

Using ice can really help reduce the pain and swelling associated with a Baker's Cyst

4) How Do I Treat Baker’s Cyst?

Primary methods for treating Baker’s cyst are ice treatment, taking NSAID medication (e.g.Ibuprofen) and stretching exercises.  Doctors can drain the cyst with a needle and use cortisone injections but the impact of both can be short lived.  Electrotherapy from physiotherapists has also been shown to help. Surgery is occasionally an option.

5) Is Draining A Bakers Cyst Painful?

If a bakers cyst is extremely painful or persistent, your doctor may want to drain the fluid with a needle. It is a fairly painless procedure – just a slight prick as the needle penetrates the skin. You may also be given a steroid injection to reduce swelling. In some cases, the fluid return’s.

6) Is Baker’s Cyst Dangerous?

Whilst it is uncomfortable, Baker’s cyst is typically not dangerous.  It is caused by excess fluid in the knee being pushed out into a small sac called a bursa.  This then grows to the point that it is visible on the back of the knee.  

7) What Causes A Baker's Cyst To Burst?

Excessive swelling or pressure on the bursa can cause a Baker's Cyst to burst. When a Baker's cyst ruptures, the fluid seeps down into the calf causing a sharp pain in the calf. The calf may also become red, swollen and tight. A ruptured baker cyst can be extremely painful.

William Morrant Baker was the doctor who first wrote about Baker's Cyst, back in the 19th century

8) Where Does The Name Baker Cyst Come From?

A Baker’s Cyst gets its name from the surgeon who first wrote about the condition, Dr William Morrant Baker (1838-1896). He was an English physician and surgeon. A baker cyst is also known as a popliteal cyst. It is a fluid filled cyst found at the back of the knee.

9) How Do You Get Rid Of A Baker's Cyst?

To get rid of Baker’s cyst, there are ways of reducing the short term pain including using ice and anti-inflammatory painkillers. To avoid recurrence, strengthening the muscles around the knee is important. Stronger muscles mean less force is put through the bones thus reducing the likelihood of swelling and the cyst returning.

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