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August 29th, 2018

I have recovered from a torn patellar Tendon Tear and debridement of bursitis with which the surgery has gone very successful 12 months ago.

At the moment I am still suffering from patellar femoral pain syndrome where I have pain/aching in and around the Patella. I have no particular problems doing squats or running but my patella does have a “Clunk” when running over the groove in my knee and I think this is the sole reason for my knee pain. Once my knee and leg muscles are warm the “Clunk” seems to subside for a while.

Is there any exercise program that you could suggest/ help me put together that will stop my patella from “Clunking” and stabilise my knee? I seem to have a slight muscle imbalance in my Vastus Lateralis on my left side compared to my right side, also when doing leg exercises I notice that my left side fatigues a lot more.

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Chloe Wilson - Knee Pain Explained Team
September 6, 2018

I would recommend by starting with kneecap strengthening exercises for the VMO muscles - they help to control how the kneecap moves and are really important for stability.

It may also help to strengthen your glutes - weakness in the glutes changes the way the forces go through the knee and how the kneecap glides - have a go at The Clam and The Bridge exercises.

It might also help to do some stretches to the Iliotibial Band on the outer side of the leg. Tightness there can shift the kneecap laterally slightly which may also be contributing to the problem. Best of luck. Chloe

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