"Knee Swelling With Arthritis"

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June 17, 2018

I have a swollen knee with arthritis problem but now I cannot move. No strength and pain when I move. Can’t put weight on the leg. What should I do? I started pool exercises last month but it’s still not getting better.

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Chloe Wilson - Knee Pain Explained Team
June 18, 2018

Sorry to hear you are having problems with a swollen knee. I would start by getting it checked out by your doctor to see if there is anything else going on that needs treating.

I would also focus on getting the knee swelling down - if there is visible swelling in the knee then there is going to be a lot of pressure inside the joint which will cause pain and limit movement. By reducing the swelling, the pain should reduce and your movement should improve.

I would talk to your doctor about pain medication. Wearing a tubigrip compression support may also help reduce the swelling and give the knee some support.

Until the swelling and pain are under control, you will be pretty limited in what you can do rehab wise. I hope it starts to improve soon. Chloe

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