"Knee Exercise Maintenance Plan"

Written By: Chloe Wilson, BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy
Reviewed by: KPE Medical Review Board

Knee Pain Explained #AskUs - Knee Exercise Maintenance Plan

May 8, 2018

I'm doing well with the advanced exercises from your site and my knee pain is gone! I don't want it to come back. Can you describe a regular "maintenance" exercise plan?  Should I just continue with the advanced exercises? 

Knee Pain Explained #AskUs - Get answers to all things knee related

Chloe Wilson - Knee Pain Explained Team
May 9, 2018

Hi Larry, I'm so pleased to hear that your knee pain has gone! That's brilliant! In terms of a maintenance plan, I would aim to do the knee exercises you are currently doing 3-4 times a week for the next couple of months, then maybe just once or twice a week, provided the pain hasn't returned.

Depending on how many you are doing, you could split them into two groups, and alternate between the groups each day so you are not always doing the same thing - keeping it fresh helps to keep you motivated! There are loads of great tips for getting the best out of exercises here.

Keep up the good work! Chloe

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