"Painful Knee Clicking"

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July 4, 2018

Four years ago I had pain at my left knee and there are clicky sounds when I go upstairs ever since. But now the same thing is happening to my right knee. Now it hurts me and also there is clicky sound.

So please help me – I am from Sudan and have no money to see a doctor.

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Chloe Wilson - Knee Pain Explained Team
August 8, 2018 

I would suggest trying knee strengthening exercises as they should help reduce the pain and clicking. The knee often makes strange noises like clicking when there is some weakness in the muscles which means the knee is less well supported.

I would recommend doing the knee strengthening exercises at least five times a week to start with for a month and by then you should start to notice an improvement. I hope that helps. Best wishes Chloe

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